Find My Car - GPS Auto Parking Reminder & Tracker App Reviews

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It’s great ...

Tried a number of Find-My-Car-Copycats” Apps since the beginning of App Store! They’ve come and gone … and most deleted almost the very first time I used them! This seems to be the one! Beautiful interface, simple to use, accurate and always works. Apple Quality Work! Thank YOU!

App will not start

App will not start. Cant open it. Cant even delete it.

Not worth having

Had this app for two months, and still have yet to make it work. Nice try, but no cigar-

Find my car

Quite helpful, especially with the size of some of these parking lots.

Really good, could use a few tweaks

This is a very good app to use for finding your vehicle after youve had a night out or a day at the mall. The fact you can integrate a photo and note about your vehicles location is key, particularly for those multi-level parking mazes that all look exactly the same on each level and spin you around like youre playing Pin the Tail on the Donkey. And the route computation function (back to your parked vehicle from your current location) is outstanding. Also handy is the timer, for those metered parking spots. This is where the app needs some work. The timer is set using a single "roll up/down" control to set duration in one minute steps. Yes, you can jump in 5 minute increments. But the maximum time is 5 hours. What if I want a reminder for, say, moving my car before the street sweeper thatll be here in 6 hours? Sorry, not possible with this app. The timer should be set with "Days, Hours, Minutes" to accommodate the wide variety of parking situations like parking in mass transit lots during daily work hours, multi day parking in city lots like in Manhattan or at airports, et c. Finally, the timer only alerts when it expires; theres no warning beforehand. It would be better if there was an intelligently selected alert, say, based on the time required to return to the vehicle from the current location. This would impact the phones battery, so make warnings optional per marker. Finally, the use of 3D Touch is great, but if its possible to show the timer or give an option to "peek" at the timer by returning the app to the foreground, that capability should be added.

Tut was sie soll.

Prima App.

Great app

Great-- easy to use and accurate.

Cant get the im function to work

Just got this. Tried to send location to friend using apps im. Kept shutting the app down. Have been using this for 1 day in New Orleans. It has managed to lose my car. Twice. It appears to move the pin when the phone is shut off. 2nd time we took a pic of the street signs to verify car location. Thank god or we would still be searching, calling local tow companies as such...

I like it!

It doesnt get me exactly there, but it sure gets me close enough to find it...which is all the help I need.

Works for me

I use this all the time, I live in Vegas. So it really comes in handy. Wish it was a little more accurate in parking structures Thats why I didnt give it 5 ⭐️

Good app

Good app. Very useful and functional. Occasionally glitchy.

Most useful

I installed this app after a bad experience at SFO in the international terminal parking lot. Though I havent used it in a variety of places (like multistory parking garages), so far it does the job. I cant get the camera function to work, however, as the pictures I took dont show up anywhere.

Extremely helpful!

Downloaded and used this app for the first time today in a HUGE parking area at a festival, and it worked beautifully. Took me right to my car! I would have been wandering in an open field for hours without this app!

Find My Car

Good program easy to use reasonably accurate But Satellite Photos horribly out of date Buildings arent in photo Others in photo no longer there In some areas a person gets lost

Average App - Not Extremely Accurate

Find my car was not very close at all to finding my car in the grocery parking lot. More than desired closeness I was better looking myself.


Very limited in helping find your car other than marking spot on map which Apple maps will do. Does not show direction to take and distance remaining. Lacks a visual progress indication. Wish I could get $$ back.


Bought it based on the all 5 stars reviews, a lot of bugs, money wasted.

Multiple Markers

I think its great that you can set multiple markers.

Save Places

I dont use this app to remember where my car is. I used this app to save places i visited. Its perfect for this Use Case :)

Find my car

Thumbs up!

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